Airtory Portable Air Purifier


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In this day and age, we understand how city living prevents us from breathing clean, fresh air! That is why the Airtory Portable Air Purifier is a must for your home, car, stroller, and more!

The Airtory Portable Air Purifier is built to filter air by going through an advanced Air Purification Technology that meticulously cleans the air as it passes through the unit. The air goes through, not one, but a three-step filtration process to make sure the air your little one breathes is free from unwanted dust particles and germs!

– Removes 94.07% of allergens, fine dust, and other pollutants
– Counter rotation dual motors
– Range: 2 meter radius
– Attached velcro band to secure in most strollers and cradles
– Triple Hepa Filters
– Rechargeable battery with a safe charging system
– Simple to operate
– Practical design


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