Aiwibi Disposable Premium Ultra Thin & Light Aiwibi Baby Pants With Super Absorbent Capacity – Large

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Experience the premium care with Aiwibi! This Australian brand, ultrathin yet super absorbent diaper will surely love by young and meticulous mothers like you.


  • Uninterrupted night sleep for your and your baby. This lovely diaper is suitable from normal to heavy-wetter babies!
  • Peace of mind for you. Aiwibi nappies are certified and clinically tested as 100% chlorine free, and no harmful chemicals!
  • Provides comfortable feeling when wearing this diaper due to is softness inside and out.
  • Certification and Tests: Certified as Excellent by Dermatest Germany, FDA Approved, SGS, CE
  • Clinically tested to sensitive skin

Why you should choose Aiwibi?

  • Behind the top quality materials of this diaper are sourced from world’s well-known companies to give premium care experience to your little one (Sumitomo Japan, Sandia SAP Japan, Henkel, 3M, PGi)
  • Japan technology core for fast absorption to keep the skin dry. Top grade SAP for superior locking of liquid
  • Cottony feel top sheet for better protection of your baby’s delicate skin, and to prevent friction that can cause skin redness
  • Advance 3D leak guard to prevent leak from the leg cuffs
  • 360 degrees stretchable waist band, and crotch shaped-like underwear suitable for active babies giving them maximum comfort
  • Adjustable and refastenable velcro tape
  • Breathable, waterproof, and super soft cloth-like backsheet to allow air circulation
  • NO stinky smell
  • Wetness indicator
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