Alchemy Fiber Carb Reduction for Rice


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Make your regular white rice healthier than brown rice with Alchemy Fiber™ for Rice! Does not affect the taste, texture, or appearance of your rice at all.

Alchemy Fiber™ For Rice is a soluble fiber that dissolves to form a protective barrier around the outer layer of the rice as it travels through your gut. This gives the rice a slower digestion rate. The new digestion rate of white rice becomes equivalent to brown rice.

This means a slower glucose release and decreased chances of a blood sugar spike. White rice cooked with Alchemy Fiber™ also contains up to 10x more fiber than white rice alone for a healthier gut while still retaining its taste and fluffy texture that most people love.

100% All natural, non-GMO, plant based dietary fibers.
(Inulin, Guar Gum)

Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Alchemy Fiber™ per 1 cup of rice before cooking.

700g pack is good for apprx. 47-50 cups of uncooked rice.


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