Auro + VPharma 42% Milk Chocolate with Turmeric and Dried Malunggay Flakes (50g)


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Snack without the guilt with Vpharma’s supplements, specially blended with Auro Chocolate – an internationally awarded premium bean-to-bar chocolate brand, proudly made in the Philippines.

Manufactured using the purest, most healthy capsules and supplements in the market:
Mega-malunggay – Perfect for breastfeeding mothers, Mega-Malunggay promotes the growth of the hormone Prolactin, which is essential for stimulating lactation.
Herbilogy Extract Fenugreek – Diosgenin contained in fenugreek seeds functions as an oxytocin and increases breastmilk flow (breastmilk booster).

Note: can cause uterine contractions, therefore it is recommended for women who gave birth and NOT recommended for currently pregnant women.

Vpharma is passionate about spreading a healthy mindset and supplement an active lifestyle. With Auro Chocolate, Vpharma aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for all members of the family!


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