Baby Moby Big Cotton Buds


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What sets Baby Moby products apart from the rest? They are pre-sterilized at a high temperature, which means they’re hygienic and ready to use! Packaging is well-thought-out, too, in order to maintain hygiene. Rigorous safety standards ensure that everything is safe for mothers and their little ones. In fact, Baby Moby is known for producing premium cotton products made from 100% pure cotton—the same quality of cotton its factory has provided to hospitals all throughout Thailand for decades. Another outstanding feature, particularly of the cotton balls, is resistance to shrinkage—the cotton is super-packed and does not shrink when wet.

*100% pure cotton
*Contains no fluorescent agents/optical brighteners or other chemicals
*Bigger tips designed to avoid accidentally inserting into baby’s ears
*Ideal for cleaning baby’s ears but may also be used for applying creams, cleaning baby’s belly button and other such purposes
*Tips are highly absorbent
*No loose fibers due to tight rounds of cotton
*Durable, eco-friendly paper stick
*Approximately 110 sticks


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