Bebesia Dolphin Shower Head


Introducing the Bebesia Dolphin Handheld Shower Head, a showerhead that sterilizes and purifies water by retaining harmful microorganisms, viruses, and molds.

* The Bebesia blocks the particles in the water through a micro-filter, eliminating E. coli, the main viral cause of food poisoning and others.
* Bebesia revitalizes the body’s immune function and body cell functions
* Releases Anion and far-infrared radiation to boost body metabolism with silver, containing anti-bacteria balls and tourmaline balls
* Gentry releases water through 450 micron holes, producing a finer softer water flow but strong enough to clean baby’s skin.
* Shower head can be disassembled easily, allowing for quick cleaning.
* Made from the same material as baby feeding bottles. Certified safe for babies who may put the shower head in their mouths.
* The shower head conveniently stays in place when put on the ground or on the bathtub to fill with (3 different degrees with the dolphin fins: 0, 45, 135)
* Compatible with all bathroom showers & kitchen sinks.
* Includes 3 extra filters.

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