Bumboo Biodegradable Bamboo Diapers

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Bumboo no nonsense, no nasties nappies are made with lots of love and good intentions, for babe and for the planet.

• 70% Biodegradable, 100% Premium – Using sustainably harvested bamboo as the core ingredient
• Double Layer Bamboo Top and Back Sheets – Bottoms up! You’ll love our extra layers made from sustainably harvested bamboo for cloudlike softness and breathability.
• Absorbent Core – Composed of total chlorine-free wood pulp and SAP, Bumboo guarantees ultra-absorbency up to 12 hours. Perfect for baby’s sensitive, irritation-prone skin.
• Chemical-free Adhesive – Locks layers in place with no nasties through and through.
• Stretchy side ear and hook
• Tape fasteners adjust to the perfect size without breaking
• Front and back tape – Seal the deal and keeps wetness from seeping out
• Spandex – Allows a comfortably snug fit for babies of all sizes
• Leak guard – Day or night, you’ve got extra tinkleproof protection from sneaky spills

Made with:
• Sustainably harvested bamboo
• 100% chlorine-free wood pulp
• Absorbent SAP sheets
• Lots of love and good intentions

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