Clearsee Anti-Fog Cloth


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Do you also suffer from condensation on your lenses? Clearsee anti-fog wipes are the solution to prevent condensation on your lenses.

• Finally, here’s a cleaning cloth that ensures that your glasses no longer fog up, not even with a face mask on!
• Versatile – may be used on: glasses, helmets, mirrors, camera lenses, etc.
• Does not scratch the lenses!
• Made with premium quality microfiber, evenly coated with special nanoparticles on both sides.
• Certified by the REACH TEST (EU Standard Harmful Chemical Substance Non-Detection Test).
• Certified as a Chemical Product Safety Standard product.
• Passed OKEO-TEX standard 100 (100 types of harmful substance test)
• Simple, compact, long-lasting effect.
• Can be used for up to 12 months.
• Lasts up to 12 hours
• Can be used 300 times.
• Store in the zip lock bag provided when not in use.
• NOTE: Clearsee sheets cannot be washed.


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