Clever Spaces Stair Climber Foldable Trolley Cart


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• Make transporting items when you’re on the go easy with Clever Spaces Stair Climber Foldable Trolley Cart with Lid.

• Also with a sleeker design and new slide-lock feature, The Clever Spaces Stair Climber Trolley is designed with a pair of rear oversized wheels that make rolling over curbs, stairs, and obstacles so much easier.

• Great for hauling groceries, laundry, and more, this trolley can move across almost any surface.

• Comes with a lid to cover the trolley crate when in use or when used in storing items.

• Folds flat to just 2.75 inches for portability and storage.

Folded dimension: 19.68 in x 2.75 in
Open cart dimension: 14.17 in x 19.68 in x 15.75 in
Vol. capacity: 65L
Carrying weight capacity: 77lbs


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