Driven Toys Micro Pickup Truck


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We’re taking play to new places with tough toy trucks and rugged work vehicles. DRIVEN toys are designed to encourage discovery, carry loads of imagination, and deliver tons of fun! The exquisitely detailed toys look cool and have working components with amazing functions. Stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you!

• Press the dashboard and steering wheel buttons to honk the horn and flash the lights to let the stranded car know that you’re on the way.
• Wheel the toy vehicle onto the attached trailer hitched to the toy truck, and then swing open the door to check out the cool truck interior.
• Great for toy cars and trucks alike! This is the perfect truck for kids to help out other car toys for boys and girls in need.
• Your little one will be DRIVEN to keep playing thanks to this blue pick-up truck toy, complete with lights and sounds!
• Dimensions: 26.00 inch x 7.16 inch x 5.73 inch
• Includes 3 x AA batteries
• Suggested for crew members aged 3 and up

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