ECOGUARD Natural Disinfectant Maker


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Ecoguard’s patented technology allows you to convert plain water and salt into electrolyzed water that is highly effective in killing germs, bacteria and viruses.

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Removes 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses

Sterilizes not only general bacteria (weak micro organisms) but also spore forming bacteria (strong micro organisms).


  • Kills general bacteria in just 30secs.
  • Eliminates viruses such as: Avian influenza, Paramicro, Fowl adenovirus, etc. after 10mins.
  • Deodorizes after 30mins. Removes odors from: ammonia (urine), methyl mercaptan (pets), trimethylamine (fishy smell), and others.
  • Removes pesticide residue after 5mins.
  • Equipped with a Micro-Droplet Spray (MDS) – semi-automatic spray into a fine mist of 0.03mm that is perfect for disinfecting hard-to-reach areas.
    Tested by the Korea Coformity Laboratories (KCL).
  • Approved by the standards of the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Electrolyzed water contains hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide which acts as a natural cleaner to sterilize, deodorize and remove pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables .

Hypochlorous acid is the most effective in the chlorine family in terms of disinfecting because it is best in penetrating cell walls.

Sodium hydroxide - an additional disinfectant.

Use to disinfect surfaces, clean your veggies and fruits, sterilize your hands, wash dishes, baby stuff, pump parts, bathrooms, shoes, clothes, cars, and more!

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