Haegroo V2 Premium Sterilizer

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The V2 Premium Sterizer sterilizes by applying a visible light region with a wavelength of 405nm that is harmless to the body. It maximizes the sterilizing and anti-fungal power while being safe by mixing lenses and other wavelengths, a patent technology that UV has. Lab reports show 99.9% death rate of SARS-CoV-2 in 1-hour irradiation of V2.

-Eliminates various viruses and bacteria
-Safe on human skin
-Use on fresh fruit and vegetables
-Slows down decay, keeps fruit flies away
-Keep inside drawers, cabinets, in the laundry area, garage, etc. – anywhere where you would like to prevent bacterial growth!

Recommended distance and exposure time: 10cm distance = 1 hr; 2 cm distance = 1 minute

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