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“Thoughtful design meets versatility” perfectly describes Iflin, a thoughtfully designed and stylish product line for both moms and babies. We know that our multi-purpose products would become so essential to you that you’ll never want to leave home without them.

Our custom silky soft products are made with baby in mind, with only the finest and gentlest materials carefully selected for your baby’s delicate skin. After one touch, you will understand why. Our eye-catching prints make a stylish statement for both you and your little one. Elevating muslin into a whole new level. Let iIflin put heart-melting smiles on your baby’s face and on yours too!

MY ADORABLE BAMBOO BIB SET comes with 2 bandana bow bibs and 1 double bib. These cuties are perfect accessories to any baby’s outfit and will surely help your little one look stylish. They are made of double layers of silky soft bamboo muslin for maximum absorbency.

The Bandana Bib is equipped with a cute little bow.. simply snap it around your baby’s neck and your baby is ready to go out. The double bib is one of a kind.. 2 bibs in 1, a heart bib on one side and a pentagon bib on the other side. It is uniquely designed to avoid round-the-neck closure which has been found to be very frustating for some babies. With its smart design, if the heart bib is wet or dirty. You can always turn the pentagon bib to the front, or you can even take the heart bib off and leave only the pentagon bib on your baby.. no need to carry along any extra bib.

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