iflin My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Sleeping Bag


“Thoughtful design meets versatility” perfectly describes Iflin, a thoughtfully designed and stylish product line for both moms and babies. We know that our multi-purpose products would become so essential to you that you’ll never want to leave home without them.

Our custom silky soft products are made with baby in mind, with only the finest and gentlest materials carefully selected for your baby’s delicate skin. After one touch, you will understand why. Our eye-catching prints make a stylish statement for both you and your little one. Elevating muslin into a whole new level. Let iIflin put heart-melting smiles on your baby’s face and on yours too!

This multi-function sleeping bag, featuring double layers of silky soft bamboo muslin with extra soft padding in the middle, will create a cozy sleeping space and environment and hence encourage smoother and better sleep for your little baby.

It comes with a baby pillow, which is washable so you can be sure that no nasty dirt and germs accumulate on it. With its 2-way zipper, you can change Baby’s diaper by unzipping only the bottom part of the sleeping bag without interuppting your baby’s sweet dreams.

It is designed for long-term use from newborns to toddlers. For toddlers, simply detach the pillow, open the sleeping bag and use it as a blanket. Its softness will ensure your child sleeps comfortably and cozily throughout the night.

Your toddler can also use the pillow as a body pillow. With My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Sleeping Bag, a good night’s sleep is possible for both your baby and yourselves. It is portable, light, and perfect for traveling.

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