Karabella Dairy Premium Gelato

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Karabella, from the term “Caraballa” (female carabao), is a social enterprise in partnership with the GK Enchanted Farm, that lives to offer fresh, healthy, nutritious and exciting dairy products.

Karabella’s main products are milk and ice cream made with 100% fresh carabao milk sourced from social entrepreneurs and local farmers.

Carabao’s milk is said to be a super ingredient that’s both delicious and full of nutritional goodness. It’s richer, creamier than cow’s milk and is packed with protein, fat, lactose, vitamins and minerals.

Gelato is lower in fat because it contains less cream and more milk, and is churned slower resulting in less air and a richer flavour. Gelato is denser and scoop for scoop, you get more gelato than you would ice cream.

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