Klima Optima Dehumidifier


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• Elimates moisture in the air and maintains the humidity level in a room to provide healthier and cozier air.

• It curbs the growth of molds, mildew, dust mites and other allergens that cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

• Controls Humidity, Removes Moisture
• Clothes Drying Function – absorbs the moisture in the air from your wet clothes and projects warm, dryer air that overtime dries out your clothes. ( 3-5 hrs)
• Air Ionizer – releases negative ions in the air to help your home environment safe and protected from harmful germs, bacteria or pollutants.
• Touch Panel with Digital Display – Displaying Humidity Level : this feature will automatically display the level of humidity that exists in the room
• Panasonic Compressor
• Timer Function
• 5L Large Water Tank
• Overflow Shut-off
• Portable
• Plug & Play, 220V
• Capacity: up to 30L a day – Can Accumulate 30 liters of air moisture a day
• Coverage: Up to 40-50sqm


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