Petit Bebe PH Bubba Pillow


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The Bubba Pillow is made of silky spandex fabric and filled with micro beads to make it as flexible to your needs as possible. It has an outer cover which can be washed in washing machines.

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding your baby, pillows are useful in helping you achieve this task, especially in the beginning. They can provide support for you and your baby.  When you place your baby on a pillow on your lap, it helps to raise the baby up. When your baby is higher, you won’t have to lean forward, so it’s more comfortable for your back, neck, and arms.

The Bubba Pillows are great also for nursing preemies and twins. They are very helpful for breastfeeding after a c-section since they can act as a belly barrier and provide protection to your incision site.

Includes 1 pillow

Handwash the cover first before using. Normal for the first wash to color other clothing so please wash separate from light colored clothes.

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