Likhang Bata Painting and Paper Maché Kit – with Free Book!


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Growing up, children enter systems that place emphasis on order and stiff schedules which suppresses creativity, all for standardized testing and academic prowess. This is where Likhang Bata comes in.

Likhang Bata is here to inspire learning and to empower the next generation on how to use their imagination into becoming competent individuals in any field of their choice! With materials, such as our Art Kits, we aim to provide an avenue for our little art masters to:
EXPLORE with their imaginative mind,
EXPERIMENT with familiar items in new ways,
UNLEASH their artistic capacity, and
GROW into creative and innovative individuals.

Colored paper
Stretch Canvas
Tempera paints
Assorted brushes
Round Foam stamps
Paper Mache toy
Instruction card
+ special QR Code for more downloadable surprises

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