Magicopper Antimicrobial Copper Film

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The Magicopper Antimicrobial Copper Film eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19 – in just 30 minutes! It is coated with nanoparticles of antiviral copper that helps in forming a protective barrier against infectious diseases and viruses.

Eco-friendly and for semi-permanent use.

Available in: non-sticky or adhesive film.

Meets the standards of the FDA and ISO.

Use on high touch surfaces – surfaces that are handled frequently throughout the day by numerous people such as: doorknobs, light switches, mobile phones, faucets, buttons on appliances, calculators, remote controls, elevator and ATM buttons, push carts, and many more!

How to use:
1. Measure and trace – measure the desired length and width
2. Cut – accurately cut out the correct size
3. Attach to desired area

1 roll = 10 meters long
400mm x 10 meters

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