Magnetta Hang It Klasika


Say hello to Magnetta Hang It, the flagship product in the line of Magnetta™. It is a multifunctional and stylish magnetic accessory that hangs and holds in a snap your bags, tumbler, car keys, lunch box, eyeglasses, and other belongings on any metallic surface. It is a new and interesting innovation, not to mention its multipurpose and fashionable nature.


MULTIFUCTIONAL – It can be used to hang your bag, tumbler, keys, eyeglasses, or anything with a strap.
DURABLE – Its enhanced design is well thought-of to provide stellar quality, especially when used to carry heavy objects.
FASHIONABLE – It looks stylish on any type of bag or purse.
EASY TO SNAP OR CLIP – Just push the spring gate of the carabiner with a finger to open or close.
FLEXIBLE – Composed of two strong magnets that can easily bend to provide a stronger hold on different metal surfaces.
STRONG HOLD – It can carry a maximum of 10 pounds (or even more)!

Works best on commercial-grade metals. It can be used on thin metals like that of a refrigerator’s body but only for light items such as keys and paper.


Length: 3.75in (without hardware); 5in (with hardware)
Width: 1.75in
Thickness: 9.25mm
Weight: 87g (without packaging)

The plain variant of Magnetta Hang It, Klasika is made from carefully selected smooth cowhide leather.

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