Mambo Bed Nest with Blanket


Mambo Nest Bedding Set is a portable and travel bed, a play mat, and even a diaper changing mat and a co sleeper in bed.


  • Nest Bed
  • Pillow
  • Bed Protector


  • Foldable and washable cradle mattress.
  • Cosleeper bed is known to help babies feel safe and secure while they are sleeping.
  • May be used for tummy time too.
  • Firm but soft foam mattress gives extra support and comfort.
  • Bumper ends can be fully opened to make it larger as your baby grows.
  • For use up to 10-12 months old.

Product Material: Cotton

Dimensions: Bed – 90*50*15cm; Quilt – 80*90xm

Filling material: Filled with pearl lattice. The cushion core is non-strand lattice

Washing Directions: Hand wash with 30 deg warm water.

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