Mary Ruth’s Vegan Vitamin B-Complex Drops (1 oz)


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Since B vitamins are water-soluble, your body doesn’t store them and they must be supplied to your body daily. Let these delicious, tart cherry flavored drops supply your body some of the B-vitamins it needs!

1 oz | 60 servings

  • This tasty blend of B-vitamins contains vitamins B3, B6, biotin, folate and B12!
  • B3 (niacinamide) plays a role in metabolism while B6 (pyridoxine) is involved in metabolizing amino acids, the creation of neurotransmitters and red blood cell production.
  • B7 (Biotin) is crucial in gene expression and metabolizing carbohydrates and fat.
  • B9 (Folate) is used for the formation of red and white blood cells, cell growth and proper cell division, and aids in amino acid metabolism.
  • B12 (in the form of the highly bioavailable methylcobalamin) is essential for neurofunction, DNA production and red blood cell development.
  • 1 oz | 60 servings

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