Mommy Treats Lactation Muffins/Cupcake Bites (Pre-order)

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Muffin: Banana Walnut, Banana Oat, Carrot Walnut
Cupcake: Choco Chip or Lemon

Mommy Treats is the brain-child of a first-time mommy who was once in dire need of increasing her milk supply back in 2010. After much researching for natural and non-pharmaceutical galactagogues (substances that help increase lactation), finding the perfect recipes, and having other mommies test her baked treats for both effectiveness and taste, she was finally able to provide lactating mommies the first ever lactation treats in the Philippines!

What makes Mommy Treats unique is our mission to provide moms with healthy lactation snacks that are boosted with as much natural milk-promoting ingredients (galactagogues) and super foods while keeping each daily serving under 150 calories. We also make sure that our treats contain NO butter, NO preservatives, and NO refined sugars because: We aim to help increase your milk supply and NOT your weight!

All Mommy Treats goodies are packed with galactagogues such as: fiber-and-iron-rich rolled oats, Omega-3-flowing flax seed, cholesterol-and-blood-sugar-lowing fenugreek, and vitamin-B-packed brewer’s yeast!

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