Nooboo Milkyway Finger Toothbrush and Gum Massager Set


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• The Double-sided Finger Toothbrush that cleans the top and the bottom teeth and gums simultaneously while providing a gentle gum massage to alleviate teething pain.
• Each set contains one wide bristled brush for inner cheek and tongue cleaning and two narrow bristled brush for targeted areas of the mouth and precise tooth cleaning.
• Made from ultra soft silicone material that’s surely going to be gentle on your baby’s gums and growing teeth.
• Removes milk residue and prevents mouth thrush.
• BPA free, sterilizer and freezer safe.
• Suitable for 3mos+

Each set includes:
• 1x Spaceman
• 1x Rocketship
• 1x Galaxy
• 3 storage cases

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