Ozen Vacuum Blender


The Ozen Vacuum Blender is the latest innovation in the field of blenders for making natural fruit juices and vegetables. It’s technology extracts air from the container and blends it into a vacuum, ensuring freshness and nutrients from intact fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the ingredients being mixed in a vacuum without the air coming into contact with the air, the juice remains homogeneous, does not separate into layers and the taste does not change.

What Oxygen Does To Food: When food is exposed to oxygen, oxidation occurs. Which cause decay, discoloration, browning, and loss of vitamins and nutrients. Since the oxygen isn’t removed with traditional blenders, oxidation is sped up. Ozen solves this problem with its vacuum technology. Before you blend, vacuum the air out to lock freshness in.

Blending Oxygen Free: Blending oxygen free prevents prevents the destruction of nutrients and helps smoothies stay fresher longer. It ensures that juices are velvety smooth and with a vibrant color. Delcious and nutritious, vacuum blending keeps your food from losing important vitamins and nutrients.

Ozen Smart Technology:
Triple Safety Feature – Triple lock safety system ensure safe blending.
Hexa Blade – Unique hexa-design blade finely blends foods and dietary fiber to produce incredibly rich tasting blends.
Smart Function – One click smart function performs vacuum and then blends. Manual vacuum and blending options gives you more control of your blends.

Package Dimensions: 20.6 x 13 x 11.2 inches
Item Weight 13 pounds

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