Podz Trio Bundle


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• Each Podz is a concentrated dose of antibacterial hand soap that is totally water soluble, plant-derived and paraben-free.
• Wash away germs, dirt, and grease in our nourishing hand wash blend with clean-smelling scents that are great for you and kinder to the world around us.
• Our 100% biodegradable and water-soluble pods fully dissolves without any traces of micro-plastic giving us a very economical and sustainable way to keep safe and clean. This allows us to avoid new plastic bottle waste by just refilling our foaming soap glass bottles or reuse old foaming bottles with Podz!
• Never go back to using liquid hand soap in plastic bottles again!

Why go for Podz?

• Better for the environment. – When you purchase a pouch of Podz, you’ve saved 5 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.
• Easier on the wallet. — About 50% cheaper vs regular bottled liquid hand soap.
• Being plant-derived and paraben-free, the foaming properties of our soap are milder than your usual handsoaps. Nonetheless, Podz are formulated for optimal anti-bacterial hand washing.
• Great unique scents to choose from.

How to use:

1) FILL UP your foaming hand wash bottle with 350ml of water. (Must be used with a foaming pump for best results. Regular liquid soap pumps will not give out a good lather with our gentler formulation.) Podz Forever Bottle sold separately.
2) DROP IN two (2) pods in the bottle. You may adjust the number of pods used based on your personal preference on foaminess.
3) SHAKE IT well and wait for the pods to completely dissolve within 10 minutes. Give it another quick shake and your Podz foaming hand soap is ready to use!

Trio Bundle includes: 1 pouch Aloe Vera, 1 pouch Geranium and Herbs, 1 pouch Mandarin Rind, and 1 Forever Bottle (free); each pouch includes 10 soap pods


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