ReSpimask Junior


• ReSpimask is a new facemask design made from the nanofiber fabric RESPILON (the first product in the world using this advanced technology) taking advantage of the benefits given by nanofiber technologies.

• Filters all airborne biological threats, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens, smog and others with the highest possible efficiency by purely mechanical filtration.

• This makes ReSpimask unique compared to other facemasks and respirators such as N95 – Some of the current facemasks, respirators or N95 can also capture viruses but only by using chemical agents or nanoparticles of silver, which leads to unwanted inhalation of those substances.

• ReSpimask is the only one that can effectively protect the wearer against their surroundings because it uses a special non-irritating adhesive strip to assure a perfect fit – there are no vent gaps along the sides or fogging of the wearer’s glasses.

• Nanofiber technology – the user can easily breathe, making the mask very comfortable, so even asthmatic, elderly and sick people can use it.

• ReSpimask provides reliable protection from Coronavirus, Ebola, and Tuberculosis.

• For best results, use up to 8hrs. per mask for protection.

Includes 3 masks per pack

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