Simpli Zenpots 14cm Pot with Catch Plate


Size: 14cm / 5.51in, 12cm/ 4.72 in ht, 1L soil volume capacity, 0.25kg pot weight

Show off your green thumb all year long with Zenpots. Grow your plants in these sustainably chic pots made from stone and wood powder and recycled resin. Zenpots are made to look and feel like natural stone pots but maintenance free and durable. With minimalist design and many nature-inspired colors to choose from, Zenpots make for beautiful decor for any space in your home. Upgrade the look of your patio garden or add character to indoor spaces. Zenpots come with matching catch plates to prevent water spillage/countertop stains. That’s utility and style combined. Try nestling your herbs or succulents into these Zenpots and create a simple, elegant and functional accent to your spaces!

Why upgrade to Zenpots?
• Sustainably made from stone, wood powder and recycled resin
• Natural stone look and a substantial feel
• Sturdy and impact-resistant
• UV-resistant and weather-proof, perfect for in-home, patio and outdoor gardeners.
• Can be used for leafy greens, houseplants, outdoor plants and even faux plants
• With 4 pre-drilled drainage holes
• Comes with matching catch plate for a coordinated look

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