Skoodle Super Ginormous Craft Jar


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Spark your child’s creativity with this super ginormous craft jar! This all-in-one product includes 180 craft and activity materials that will keep your child engaged for hours and hours of fun!

Skoodle Ginormous Craft Jar contains all craft materials which helps to improve children’s imagination and craft skills. It contains things like dough, pipe cleaners, colour sticks, foam balls, googly eyes, colour sheet etc.

Searching for “easy crafts for kids” on the Internet is now a thing of the past, as this also includes an idea book, with instructions that your child can easily follow!

Includes: 4 Cans Of Dough; 12 Pipe Cleaners; 10 Color Sticks; 10 Foam Balls; 6 Googly Eyes; 3 Color Sheet; 3 Cup Cake Liners; 2 Corrugated Sheets; 2 Masks; 1 Party Hats; 1 Glue Stick; 1 Glitter Glue; 1 Sticker Sheet; 1 Paper Cylinder; Paper plates; Tissue Paper; Scissor; Idea Guide

Recommended age group: 6 – 8 yrs. old +

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