Sleep Society PH Adult Size Weighted Blanket (With Duvet)


• Presenting weighted sleep blankets from Sleep Society!
• This therapeutic blanket has been a big help to people with certain conditions, like autism.
• According to a 2020 study, adults with autism experienced stress reduction and direct benefits to sleep after using a weighted blanket.
• There’s also a study that examines the use of such blankets for ADHD patients.
• The results show an improvement in the time it takes for a child with ADHD to fall asleep compared to their usual nights without a weighted blanket. restful sleep.

• Here are other benefits of weighted blankets, according to those who use them:

– It gives a sense of security.
– It helps with anxiety.
– A restful evening will help you begin each morning in a good mood.
– If you need something to improve the quality of your sleep, here are some weighted blankets you can invest on.

Weight: 15lbs
Dimensions: 60×80 inches

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