Snack Haus Vegan Chicharon

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Ditch the guilt and crank up the flavor with this addictively crispy Vegan Chicharon from Snack Haus! This ain’t your average veggie snack. We’ve combined wholesome potatoes, green peas, and cassava to create a texture that rivals traditional chicharon – light, airy, and exploding with every satisfying crunch, drenched in a tangy salt and vinegar seasoning. The perfect balance of salty and sharp will have you reaching for another handful (and another… we won’t judge!).

Here’s why you’ll love them:
• 100% Vegan: Made with plant-based goodness
• Unbeatable Crunch: We perfected the texture for the ultimate chicharon experience, minus the meat.
• Salt & Vinegar Kick: Our signature seasoning delivers a flavor explosion that keeps you coming back for more.
• Coconut Power: We use heart-healthy coconut oil for a guilt-free indulgence.

Enjoy them:
• Straight from the bucket for a satisfying on-the-go snack.
• Crushed over salads or tacos for an extra flavor and texture boost.
• Dipped in your favorite dip – the possibilities are endless!

Perfect for:
• Vegan snack enthusiasts seeking a plant-based alternative with bold flavor.
• Snackers who crave a satisfying and crunchy treat.
• Anyone who loves the irresistible tang of salt and vinegar
• Seeks a healthier snack alternative

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