Stampin’ Tots Imprint Kit


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What’s another way of beautifully capturing precious memories of your baby? With the Stampin’ Tots Imprint Kit — which lets you take an imprint of the little one’s tiny hand or foot for the baby journal or even for display on a picture frame (frame not included). This is definitely something to cherish for many years to come! Simply place the pad ink-side-down on any paper or card, gently press your baby’s hand or foot onto the upward-facing side for a few seconds, and you’re done!

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  • Prints are fast-drying and smudge-free
  • Highly detailed imprint without endangering your baby with any toxic chemicals (there’s no contact between the ink and baby’s skin)
  • Non-toxic and safe even for newborn
  • Imprints are guaranteed to last and not fade
  • Ideal For 0-12 months
  • Can be used for up to 4 imprints

Size: 9.5cm x 5.7cm
Includes: 1 printing pad & 2 card stock


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