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Sweet Success Lactation Treats are delicious treats that are great for breastfeeding moms. These baked crackers are made with mommy and baby in mind, with nutrient-rich and nurturing ingredients that will help boost mommy’s milk supply. These are baked goods full of essential nutrients to help nourish new moms. The brewer’s yeast, flax seed and oats in lactation treats are what specifically help with boosting milk supply.

When should I start eating lactation treats?

Every woman is different, however the quicker you can start to boost your milk supply, the better. If you are concerned that your milk supply is actually insufficient, it is best to see a lactation consultant.

How many lactation treats should I eat?

Having lactation treats on hand can be an easy way to nourish yourself. We recommend 1 to 2 servings a day to get you through your day. Enjoy a treat 1 hour before breastfeeding or pumping for optimal effect. And we know how it can be exhausting sometimes, you can help yourself to one more.

How long does it take for lactation treats to work?

Many women see a difference within 2 days with the daily serving of the lactation treats. We suggest to give it a week to fully see the results.

How do I store these?

Our lactation treats are preservative-free. They can be left at room temperature for up to 1 week, or 3 weeks if refrigerated.

Shelf life: Three weeks refrigerated; One week at room temperature

Includes 10 crackers/box

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