The Litthe Green Home Freshies Mouthwash Tablets (approx. 40g)


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Using no plastic packaging, The Little Green Home conditioner bars are eco-friendly alternatives to regular shampoos in the market, which contributes greatly to plastic waste. Handmade, with only all-natural ingredients used. Paraben free and Sulfate free.

Help maintain and improve your oral health with The Little Green Home Freshies. Use as both toothpaste and mouthwash:

As toothpaste – pop in your moth and brush with wet toothbrush bristles.
As mouthwash – Crush and dissolve in water; gargle thoroughly.

With effective ingredients, including:
Calcium Carbonate – For cleaning and polishing of teeth.
Silica – helps maintain the enamel and fights tooth decay.
Xylitol – Reduces bacteria growth by up to 90% and prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums, reducing the growth of cavities. Also helps repair damaged teeth.
Menthol – provides a cooling sensation and minty odor and taste.
Clove Essential Oil – Antibacterial; reduces inflammation of the mouth.

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