The Quick Flick Eyeliner


Each Quick Flick pack comes complete with 2 dual ended eyeliner pens. Each pen includes a perfectly shaped wing stamp (1 for the left eye and 1 for the right) as well as two felt-tip eyeliners to complete your cat eye look. Make sure you store your pens horizontally to allow even ink flow and keep away from heat or air for long periods of time.

*Holds 7ml of the product vs. the industry standard eyeliner pen of 0.5ml!
*Non-toxic: ingredients are completely safe: contains nothing that will cause cancer, reproductive issues and allergies
*Smudge-resistant, sweat-resistant
*Cruelty-free, PETA-approved, vegan-friendly

How to use: Easy as 1, 2, Wing!
1. Prep your eyelids with an oil-free primer and setting powder.
2. Line the bottom of the stamp with the edge of your upper lash line and stamp gently.
3. Use the felt-tip eyeliner pen to fill in and shape.

Ingredients: Water, Iron Oxide, Jojoba oil (hardened), Triglycerides (vegetable oil blend), Vegetable oil (hydrogenated), Shea Butter, Mica, Canola Oil, Candelilla Wax, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester (plant origin), Carnauba Wax, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin C.

1 Liquid Eyeliner Pen
1 Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Available in:
Petite – 8mm
Modest – 10mm
Grand – 12mm
To The Point – thinner and pointier version of the classic Quick Flick eyeliners. Has a thinner wing that is perfect for smaller eyes, or for those that just want a more defined wing and liner.

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