Timeflys Himars S350H Video Baby Monitor


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The newer and younger sibling to Timefly’s best selling MARATHON model. With a sleeker and modern design, it is packed with the same features of its beloved sibling.

  • Keep your baby much safer with the best video monitor in town.
  • Two-way audio communication to soothe your baby with your gentle voice.
  • Switch on Vibrate mode so that you can have a quiet experience without compromising risk to your baby.
  • Monitor your baby’s room temperature to ensure a comfortable sleep.
  • Long range operations to help you work at the same time be on top of your baby .

Product Details:

  • Day and Night mode feature for less emission
  • New and Improved 3.5 inch color LCD display with temperature monitor in Celsius.
  • High temperature alert if baby’s room greater than 30 degrees Celsius. Low temperature alert if baby’s room less than 16 degrees Celsius
  • Two way communication
  • Parent Monitor with sound and vibration alert
  • Playable Music Lullabies (8 Unique Songs)
  • Double digital zoom feature
  • Out of Range alarm (Operational Range of 150 feet or 50 meters open space)
  • Recharge time of 4 hours, Operating time of 9 hours for the Parent Unit
  • Camera Unit should be plugged in a power source inside baby’s room
  • No WiFi required
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