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We love the thought of creating and involving children in the making of their own toys. With Air-dry clay, we are so excited that children can make their very own little figurines or accessories!

As compared to regular clay, Air-dry clay is smoother, easier to manipulate and less sticky on the hands. The best clay for beginner clay crafts. We also envisioned that it would be good if the packaging is well-made and sturdy, making storing of the clay much easier and more air-tight than regular ziploc bags.

Therefore, we came up with TOKI Air-dry Clay in thoughtfully-designed individual tubs!


  • Super safe and non-toxic – KC and CE certified premium air-dry clay from Korea! Ensured safety and quality, feel at ease when your child plays with it!
  • Lightweight and velvety softness – Highly malleable with smooth finishing, create any of your favourite designs. Velvety-texture, making the moulding experience pleasant and delightful!
  • Dries with just air – Holds it’s shape firmly and does not crack after drying.
  • Water-based – Water can be added to soften semi-dried clay or to join pieces if needed.
  • Mess-free, non-oily, fuss-free clean up – Non-sticky to touch but sticks well to one another, forming detailed figures; Washes off easily with water; Colour does not stain the skin; Easy to handle
  • Carefully designed and individually-packed tub – Easy storage and use, hygienic, and gives it a longer shelf life!

Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White & Black

Net Weight: 10g x 6 Tubs

Age: 3 Years Old & Above

Recommended Shelf Life: 2 years after manufacture date as labelled on the packaging

Made in Korea


Please store the clay in the tub when not in use and ensure that the tub is tightly closed to avoid drying out the clay. Not meant for consumption, adult supervision required for young children.


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