Tutti Bambini Cozee XL Bedside Crib & Cot


The CoZee XL Bedside Crib & Cot offers the functionality you need to sleep side-by-side with your baby from birth until approximately 6 months, whilst the revolutionary cot expansion frames allow you to extend the life of the product by a further 18 months.


  • Drop-Side Function: The drop-side function is present on both the crib and the cot modes and allows you to easily access your baby without reaching too far over the side. Whilst in crib mode, the drop-side function offers a safe method of co-sleeping.
  • Handy Storage Shelf: Need more than two hands? This practical under seat storage shelf gives you a handy place to stow wipes, muslin squares, favourite baby toys, right there, where you need them.
  • 6 Height Positions:  You can easily adjust the height of your Cozee XL bedside crib with 6 different height positions. You can even position one side higher than the other to help relieve the symptoms of reflux and congestion.
  • Strong Base:  The solid base and strong support legs of CoZee XL ensure a safe transition from the initial crib mode up until the final sofa expansion, safeguarding your child’s comfort throughout all the growth stages.

    Crib Assembled Dimensions: L90 x W55 x H69 to 84cm

    Cot Assembled Dimensions: L131 x W66 x H84

    Mattress Size Crib (included): 80cm x 50cm x 3cm

    Crib Mattress Details: Corn Fibre Mattress

    Crib Assembled Weight: 12.5kg

    Cot Assembled Weight: 16.2kg

    Mattress Height: Position 1: 49-52cm, Position 2: 52-55cm, Position 3: 55-58cm, Position 4: 58-61cm, Position 5: 61-64cm, Position 6: 64+cm

    Crib Age Suitability: From Birth to 6 Months approximately

    Cot Age Suitability: From 6 Months to 2 Years approximately

    What’s Included: CoZee XL expandable crib/cot frames, crib fabrics, crib mattress, co-sleeping straps, carry case, cot fabrics, cot mattress base, cot support accessories

    Crib Pack Net Weight: 13.75kg

    Cot Pack Net Weight: 7.85kg

    *NOTE: Cot Mattress not included. Dimensions for the Cot Mattress are: 120cm x 60cm x 10cm.

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