USA PAN Saucepan with Cover

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USA PAN’s unique, ridged texture facilitates even air circulation and heat distribution, providing professional, even baking every time. USA PAN uses a silicone non-stick coating that is FDA approved and unmatched for easy clean-up. USA PAN offers the world’s finest cookware and bakeware that you can rely on passing down to future generations.

-Perfect for cooking flavorful sauces and broths.
-The lid creates a vapor seal to circulate flavors with spices and herbs that retain essential vitamins and minerals.
-Induction capable saucepan, safe on gas, electric, ceramic glass, and halogen.
-Cast stainless steel handles, stainless steel rivets and features an easy pour rim and vapor seal cover design.
-Vapor seal, waterless, and greaseless cooking capability.
-Energy efficient, suitable for cooking on low or medium heat.
-Reverse panel bottom to help resist warping.

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