UV Care Air Purifier and Humidifier with Medical Grade H14 HEPA Filter with UV Care Virux Patented Technology (8 Stage) – Instantly Kills 99.97% SARS-CoV-2


The UV Care 8 Stage Air Purifier with Humidifier offers relief from asthma, allergies, and nasal decongestion by removing dust, smoke, chemicals, pet dander, pollen, asbestos and other contaminants.

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It is equipped with advanced Ultraviolet Light Technology which does not only trap bacteria, viruses, and germs; it eliminates them.


  • 8 Stages Filtration (Elementary Filter, 99.97%
  • True HEPA Filter, Molecular Sieve Absorption Layer, Activated Carbon, Cold Catalyst Filter, UV-C Filter, Negative Ions, Anti-bacterial Humidifier)
  • Coverage Area – 80 square meters
  • 99.9% PM 2.5 Purification Rate, 97.6 % Germ
  • Purification Rate, 96.2% Formaldehyde Purification Rate. Negative Ion: 10 million pcs/ cm3
  • Air Quality Indicator: Green – Excellent Air Quality, Blue – Good Air Quality, Yellow – Okay Air Quality, Red – Poor Air Quality
  • Wind Speed: Low, Medium, High, Super. Can be put into Sleep Mode (w/ Lights Turned off and with Less Noise).
  • Power: 65 W 60 H; Voltage: 220 V. Power Cord
  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Product Dimension: L-39.1 cm x W- 24.5 cm x H- 60.3cm; Net Weight: 10.8 Kg

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