UV Care Portable Germ Zapper


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UV Care specializes in UV-C sterilization, which addresses the concern of individuals and families in terms of keeping their homes and environment safe, healthy and germ-free. The Portable Germ Zapper, which can be used at home and in the office, is an innovative device that effectively kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, molds and harmful bacteria using advanced UV-C light technology

*Lab-tested, chemical-free, and doctor-recommended

*Perfect for homes, offices, and cars

*Can effectively sterilize an unobstructed surface area of 15 sqm

*Safety features include safety cover and a 10-second timer delay

Comes with three (3) UV-C light bulbs and an IR remote control

Dimensions: 19 cm (H), 11.5 cm (Base Diameter)

Weight: 1kg
How to use:
1. Place zapper at the center of the room, and remove the safety cover by twisting it to the right.
2. Switch on the zapper (by pressing the power button or by using the remote)
3.Leave the room within 10 seconds, making sure there are no other people, pet animals and plants inside. For best results, keep the door closed, lights in the room switched off, and curtains or blinds closed during sterlization.
4. The unit will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

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