UV Care UVC Sterilizing Cabinet 2.0


– UVC + Ozone (so it sterilizes even those areas that the light does not touch!)
– UVC No Heat is suitable for gadgets (mobile phones, laptops, remote controls, USBs, headphones, earphones, etc.), battery operated toys, breast pump motors, watches, face shields, scissors and other stainless tools, books, money, magazines, documents, groceries and dry goods, baby’s things, nail trimmer, tools, bags, make-up and more
– UVC + Heat – suitable for dinnerware, glassware, kitchenware, high grade plasticware and more.
– Size: 52cm x 44cm x 73cm (saves on time and effort when sterilizing)
– Volume capacity: 68 liters
– Chemical-free and hassle-free disinfection

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