Wonder Gears 3D Brain Trainer (81-piece set)


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What happened to the days when playing with toys made you think, use your hands, and expand your creativity? With Wonder Gears, you can give your kids that hands-on experience once again. Time to put the iPad away – let’s play!

A truly exciting way for children ages 3 and up to learn and grow, these snap-together puzzles offer a unique approach to science, math, and contextual skills an iPad app or mobile device simply can’t capture.

Here are three great reasons why Wonder Gears are perfect for your boy or girl:

    1. Parents and children can play together, building stronger relationships, trust, and confidence; it also gives moms and dads an insight into a child’s development.
    2. These gears and Lego-style pieces can be used in thousands of different ways to create buildings, castles, or cars complete with battery-powered motion.
    3. There are endless possibilities for imagination for boys and girls alike. Your children will build social and critical-thinking skills essential for everyday life.

Winner of multiple Best Toy Awards from the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio.
For ages 3+

Includes 1 motor piece for battery-powered motion; use with 1AA battery (not included)
Combine more than 1 set to create even bigger and more complex designs!

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