Yookidoo Fill ‘N’ Spill Action Cups


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Your child’s cup will always be full, with these 3 interchangeable bath cups. Each has a different fun water effect – spraying, straining, or spouting – and there’s a peek-a-boo cup, plus a cup-holder for play and storage, too.
  • Attach the cup holder to the side of the tub, stack the interchangeable cups inside it.
  • Show your child how to fill up one cup with water and pour over the other cups, setting different water effects into motion, like spouting, spraying, and straining.
  • Encourage your child to switch out the cups and try different configurations to enjoy the sensation of the various effects, including the peek-a-boo cup that floats up, too.
  • Stack the cups in the cup holder after playing, for storage until next time.
  • For babies 8 months and up
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