Zippies Reusable Mesh Produce Bag


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Now you can use Zippies to carry produce from the grocery to your kitchen with the Mesh Produce Bag. Mesh bags are best for produce items because they let air flow though, allowing your produce to “breathe.”

Keeps produce fresh longer than when in plastic bags

Washable, reusable and very convenient, you may directly wash/rinse your produce in the bags before storing in the fridge!

See-through mesh fabric lets you easily see what’s inside the bag at a glance

Food-safe and BPA-free

Responsibly made from recycled plastic bottles

Lightweight at 10g, yet strong enough to hold up to 2.5kg

Approximately 30cm x 35cm (12in x 14in), enough to hold 16 oranges or enough to hold large produce items, such as: bananas, leaf lettuce, broccoli or carrots.

The Zippies Reusable Mesh Produce Bag is the best, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

*5 bags per pack


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