Let’s welcome the summer together with amazing deals on your favorite brands and special lootbags for purchases of P10,000 and more! Make sure to drop by our store (we’re on Waze and Google Maps, and you can find a map here), and enjoy the hot, hot deals while finding refuge from the outdoor heat!

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram profile (make sure your post notifications are turned on) to see what deals will be available! Or you can just refer to the list below:

Banz Summer Swimwear: 10% off

Charlie Baby Cooler Bag and Charlie Baby Handy Bag: 20% off

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Caught #TheParentingEmporium co-founder Beng Feliciano on her way home awhile ago – Mooma cooler bag on her left and @charliebabyph handy bag on her right. We believe in the items we carry on our shelves and before we make a recommendation, study our #TPEApproved brands carefully! Strict criteria include standards for functionality, durability, and versatility. ???? We are happy to say that both the Mooma Cooler Bag and Charlie Baby Handy Bag passed with flying colors! Interested in these items? Inquire via 09175614366. Good news is that you can expect a 20% discount on the Charlie Baby Handy Bag (perfect for use before, during, and after pregnancy – accommodates our needs at each stage????????)! See you at TPE in New Manila tomorrow till April 8 for hot summer #TPEDeals and treats!❤️ #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy

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Comflor Playmats: 20% off

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Caught a conversation between these two ❤️ So happy my children can spend sweet moments, bonding time, and hours of just being silly around each other on a playmat that will witness many more milestones in our family. ???? Firm yet soft, easy to clean (drool away, Baby Jayce!????), bpa free, anti-skid, and educational with reversible design, this Comflor mat is a winner in our books!???????? Drop by our Summer Kick-Off Sale this April 3-8, 2018 and get it at 20% off!???????????????????????? This is on of the many amazing deals at #TheParentingEmporium this coming week. Inquire via 09175614366. #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy #TPEApproved

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Creamhaus Snow Palette Mats and Inua Bumper bed: P2,000 off

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Thank you, Mommy Jackie for sharing your wonderful experience with the @creamhausph Snow Palette Mat!❤️ Nothing beats the gentle firmness that will last a looonnng time due to its unseen 10 compressed layers that these mats can give.❤️ It’s always a parent’s worry when developmental milestones come up and a joy when they are met … allow the Snow Palette Mat to enable meeting of milestones on time.???????? It’s a fantastic plus plus that the mats are also safe during warm weather whereas others would emit toxic fumes when temperature rises, these mats are #VOCfree so rest assured your children’s respiratory system will not be harmed!???? Interested? Enjoy a P2,000 discount on Creamhaus products – booster seats, Snow Palette Mats, and Inua bumper bed – at #TheParentingEmporium till April 8, 2018. You can find only #TPEApproved brands like @creamhausph at our Summer Kick Off Sale.???????? Inquire via 09175614366.???? #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy #TPEDeals

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Foldaway Bumper Mats: 10% off (pre-orders, stock availability end April)

Medela Spare parts (connectors, membranes, and shields): 10% off

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I almost bought a lactation supplement for a slacker boob when my husband reminded me to check my shield size!☺️ All it took was a size change for that side to produce as much as the other!!! ????Talk to those who have changed sizes and hear the difference the right size can give you – it can spell the difference of an ounce or more. Thankfully Medela spare parts are discounted during #TheParentingEmporium Summer Kick Off Sale. Get a couple in case of a change and get spares so you are not living from one sterilization to the other!???????? Getting connectors with membranes and dedicating a pair to double pumping and one for single pumping would also be a good move so as not to create uneven wear and tear while single pumping which will affect your double pumping output. It’s all more affordable till April 8, 2018.❤️ Inquire via 09175614366. #ParenthoodShared #TPEApproved #TPEDeals #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy

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Medela Mini-Electric Single Breastpump: P4,000

Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump: P1,500

Poncho Baby Items: P500 off

Looping (stroller and accessories): 10% off

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Thank you so much for sharing how the brands available at #TheParentingEmporium allow you to parent more easily & be in the moment more (tried and tested solutions do tend to make the journey less stressful and more enjoyable!????????). Here is Mommy @sherylamaranto ‘s feedback on the Looping Squizz and its accessory (stroller board). Looping and all its accessories are currently on sale at our Summer Kick Off Sale till April 8, 2018!???????????????????????? Inquire via 09175614366. #ParenthoodShared #TPEApproved #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy “Hi Beng! Kids are 5 years old and 7 months old. We went to Easter dinner in Rockwell. Why is it useful: Our daughter Gabbie had been insisting on both riding and helping push her baby brother's stroller. We thought she was feeling left out, so we got the stroller board. She was super thrilled. The added benefit is having both kids in one place and not having to run after one of them while also holding on to a baby. Thanks again for the great service during the Momzilla fair ????”

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Luva Air Purifier: 10% off

Malabar Swaddle Sets (set only): 15% off

Metas: 10% off

Poncho Baby: Less P500 on everything in the Poncho Baby line

Pura Bottles: 60% off

Real Kids UV Shades: 10% off

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Get your children ready for school or trips by letting them choose their cute bags at #TheParentingEmporium ???????? And, it would make lots of sense to protect our children’s eyes against the harmful effects of UV rays when outside in our tropical weather with unbreakable @realkidsph shades (on sale till April 8 at our Summer Kick Off Sale????????). Inquire via 09175614366. Thanks for sharing with us how your time at TPE went, Maybelyn!???? We are in ❤️ with your cutie pie daughter!!!!☺️☺️☺️ #TPEDeals #TPEApproved #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy Repost @maybelyndelacruz “When can I start, mama?” #mylittlemissolivia #readyforschool @theparentingemporium @choosefreycooph

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RuMe: 10% off

SoYoung: 10% off

Stephen Joseph: 5% off

Zoochini Towels: 10% off

Zubels Handmade Knitted Toys: 10% off

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#TheParentingEmporium has officially kicked off the summer season today as we opened our doors to everyone with hot deals and treats! Get one of these handmade knitted dolls for the little one – a summer or trip companion.❤️ 10% off till April 8, these make good and safe gifts as well if you need one for a birthday bash. Sturdy enough that babies can tug and pull without fear that something will come off, this American brand is proudly made in the Philippines!!! Do support it and send the message that Filipinos produce quality items!???????? No toxins in the fabric or dye, children can explore with their mouths if they wish, safely. Inquire via 09175614366. #TPEApproved #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy

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#TPEApproved brands such as Pampers will be available as well at 10% off (only until supplies last)!

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There is always that first time that heralds the beginning of longer night sleep … when nighttime rituals proceed as usual and then suddenly… you wake up, 5-6hours later, stunned and unbelieving that you were actually able to sleep that long! ???? You quickly check on your baby to see if everything is all right and that he/she really did sleep through the night.☺️ We can still remember the time when we had to deal with leaks if we weren’t able to change the baby after 2-3hours but check this out… Jayce’s diapers were intact, heavy with pee all around, yet… no leaks on the sheets!???????????????????????? The brand we used: Pampers! We are happy to announce that Pampers will be joining our Summer Kick Off Sale at #TheParentingEmporium – time to hoard, daddies and mommies!!! They will be discounted.???????? Good only until supplies last. Keep posted to see what else will be on sale!???? #ParenthoodShared #GrowingWithYouAsParents #BecauseParentingIsALegacy #ChoosePampers #PampersBestInTheWorld #TPEApproved #TPEDeals

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*Promo is good for in-store purchase, delivery and shipment arrangements.

Do come join us for a weeklong celebration of the season that means staycations, vacations, and quality bonding time–don’t miss the Summer Kick-off Sale!

If you want to view the pricelists of the brands participating in our Summer Kick-Off Sale, please contact us here or call/text our Customer Service Hotline 0917-5614366 to inquire directly for the prices. Happy shopping! 🙂

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