The Happy Tummy Project

Nutrition is one of TPE’s advocacies, and we are honored help those who are in need of healthy food alternatives. TPE, in partnership with the Happy Tummy Project team (a Nourish the Children initiative), helps provide VitaMeal to public school student beneficiaries under the Cornerstone program. VitaMeal is a highly nutritious food that is distributed to malnourished children wherever it is needed.

Cornerstone is an initiative of Couples for Christ (CFC) and the Ateneo Center for Educational Development, which aims to help improve the education of elementary and high school students, particularly through tutorials and values formation. Family support is also provided via Parenting Formation programs.

Thus, the students under this special feeding program are not just nourished physically — they are nourished mentally and values-wise as well. Their physical growth and school performance are also monitored during the course of the program. It is TPE’s hope that our support will truly make a difference in the overall wellness of these children.

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