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When we first set out to help make the parenting journey easier for our fellow parents, we never imagined how The Parenting Emporium would be able to reach so many people out there who are aligned with our dreams of #ParenthoodShared — a community of parents who truly support one another, and share tried-and-tested tips and tricks for helping make parenthood better and, dare we say it, even more fun as we go along.

So we are so thankful that The Parenting Emporium has become a “happy place” not just for Filipino parents but for parents from other countries as well — parents like Amber Folkman of the blog “A Momma Abroad,” who is so like us Filipino parents in her own special way! 😉 She wrote a lovely post about her recent visit to TPE, which you can read here.

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Thank you for visiting us, Amber — our hearts are full knowing that this little endeavor of ours has grown primarily because of the support of TPE community members like you!

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