Support Group Meetings

We believe that parenting is a team effort, so the African proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” really applies to the TPE community.

That’s why we hope you will find the support you need for whatever parenting stage you are in now — through TPE or other groups and individuals we can connect you to.

Besides providing safe, comfortable physical venues where support groups can gather for free — at our headquarters in New Manila, Quezon City, along with our partner venues in other locations — we also have an online group where we can discuss the joys, challenges, and everything-in-between of parenting. (Feel free to join us; just head over to Facebook!)

Of course, you are most welcome to join the support group meetings that we regularly host as part of our Advocacies (health, nutrition, pregnancy, education):


  •  La Leche League Manila: If you’re breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed

  •  “Seeing Doubles”: If you are a parent of multiples (twins or more)

  • “Parents of Angels”: If you are a parent grieving the loss of a child

  • Parents with Children with Chronic conditions:  If you are a parent caring for a child with a long term illness or life threatening disease
  • Special Needs:  If you are a parent with  a child with special needs.
  • ROCKERS Philippines: If you are a current or former Catholic homeschooler, or a still-discerning-about-homeschooling Catholic (though the group is also open to non-Catholics)

Lastly, our partner experts in health, nutrition, pregnancy and education are also willing and able to provide you — and the other people in your “village” — with tips, advice and encouragement through their classes and workshops, and occasionally on our Facebook group as well.

So make sure you are updated when it comes to our upcoming support group meetings by checking this site often, or following our Facebook and Instagram posts!

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