Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to The Parenting Emporium (TPE) community! We’re so glad you found us, and we hope you’ll discover that “Parenthood Shared” is a loving, supportive advocacy that can be enjoyed and practiced by everyone.

The Parenting Emporium’s principal philosophy revolves around basic love and respect for each individual parent journey, with the primary assumption that children are born and raised out of love. As such, we designed TPE to be a haven and sanctuary for parents like you. It is inclusive, non-judgmental, and a safe zone.

Our store was born out of our personal values and practices – curated to the latest of our knowledge on safety, versatility, function, and of course quality. We try to take the “overwhelming” out of parenting! The items on our shelves are perfect for day 1 when you discover you are carrying a little miracle until your own children have children and even after.

At our learning events, all the information you will get is sourced from skilled, experienced, and credentialed speakers who are renowned experts in their own fields. The Internet can be a dangerous minefield of misinformation, but you are protected from all that when you attend The Parenting Emporium talks.

Are you trudging through a lonely road that few other parents have traveled? Perhaps you are struggling with the loss of a child, or raising a child with special needs. You may be experiencing rare breastfeeding problems, like nursing a premature baby or a child with a cleft palate. You are not alone. At The Parenting Emporium, we have communities of parents who are struggling with the same issues as yours. Join our support group meetings and connect with parents with angels, parents raising multiples, parents raising special children, and many others.

We admit we have this big dream of making every parent’s life a little bit easier, every child’s life a little bit richer, and every family’s core a bit stronger as our universal contribution to a better world for everyone. We have a Milk Sharing Hub, which parents like you sustain through your generous milk donations. Through this hub, safe, clean, and life-giving breastmilk heals and sustains sick and needy babies. We also have organizational beneficiaries such as the James Mackay Foundation which provides scholarships to blind children and helps improve the facilities of the Philippine National School of the Blind, and The Happy Tummy Project which provides healthy food to nourish the bodies and minds of children in urban public schools. There are also individual cases of families and children who need financial assistance one way or the other.

We are able to support others in this way because you support us, by patronizing our products and attending our parenting classes, which we in turn have curated and made available in order to support you!

The result is a beautiful circle of giving and sharing. And we are so glad you have come to join this circle. Because we know that parenting can be difficult when you try to do it alone. But when you have a warm, supportive, and judgement-free community around you, it can be a rich, beautiful, and joyful experience. Truly, parenthood is better when shared. Again, we welcome you to our community.

Growing with you as parents,
Beng and Maricel

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